Zohara Tights 30% Off Sale

Zohara currently have a 30% off sale on all of their products with the code yay-2018

They have a fantastic range of creative and unique tights, including lots of metallic designs, colorful options, and graphic decorations.

These Rise and Shine silver tights have a beautiful scattered star pattern, with the stars rising up from the toes and fading as the travel up the leg. Theyโ€™re quite thick at 120 denier which really lets the silver stars stand out, and it a great warmer winter option.

Buy the Rise and Shine tights here: https://international.zoharatights.com/collections/heavy-metal/products/rise-and-shine-silver-tights

These Free as a Bird grey tights are stunning, with a base of 120 denier grey providing an opaque canvas for the pretty feathers. We love the simplicity of these tights yet they really make a statement.

Shop these here: https://international.zoharatights.com/collections/womens-tights/products/free-as-a-bird-grey-tights

And when shopping, remember to use the discount code yay-2018 for 30% off!

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