You won’t tear these tights made by Sheertex

The Canadian startup company that we wrote about in February 2018 has become an instant success with the super-durable tights they make, and are now preparing for expanding their product line due to high demand.

Founder Katherine Homuth, wearing the high-tech Sheertex tights.

The idea might seem to be simple: to create durable tights / pantyhose, using new materials and knitting technology. But somehow nobody could achieve it during the last 50 years since pantyhose became part of our life.

All of the fibers on the market today are either strong or sheer, not both. After a year of research and development, Sheertex developed a proprietary fiber, the patent pending Sheertex knit, that’s strong, flexible and sheer but it was almost too strong. Regular machinery couldn’t handle the fiber, so the Sheertex team developed a proprietary manufacturing process built to withstand the strength of the material without compromising the wearability of the end product.

You don’t have to trade function for fashion anymore. 

The proprietary fiber is stain, odor and moisture resistant; it’s cool to the touch while still allowing for complete comfort and support. Sheertex pantyhose are crafted with reinforced seams, an invisible waistband and a control top. They flatter and hug the curves of all body types. Plus, the Sheertex knit is self-healing, meaning that in most cases when the knit gets pulled out of place it can be manipulated back into place without any fear of rips or runs.

Sheertex’s sheers are priced like designer pantyhose that typically last only 1-2 wears, and cost $99 and come in a wide range of sizes from S-2/3XLL with short and tall options available. Sheertex ships to the United States, Canada, Oceania and Europe. For more about Sheertex and to place an order, visit the website.

We warmly welcome these long-awaited tights, and promise to test them for you as soon as possible!

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