Win 2 pairs of Heist Tights!


UPDATE on 2nd of October: the two pairs went to B., from London. B., didn’t want to share more info. Thanks for participate, stay tuned, more games to come soon!

We’ve decided to launch a little game so you can feel on your own skin the fabulous Heist tights / pantyhose (read more about them:–all-tables-with-prefix/heist-the-new-wolford/ )

This is what you should do:

  • download our app (see help here:–all-tables-with-prefix/app/)
  • allow the app to send you notifications (‘push notifications’)
  • we will send you three Secret Words through the app, as a notification, during September.
  • after you receive the 3rd word, just send an email to chan (at) mantyhose (dot) net, using the three words as subject of the email. If you miss any of the words, you still have a chance to win, just lower, according to how many words you collected (eg. all 3 words sent = full chance, 2 words = 2/3 chance, 1 word = 1/3 chance, compared to those who sent all three words).
  • if you’ve already downloaded the app, be sure that you allow the notifications
  • the winner will be notified on the 2nd of October (Sunday)


– Do you store my email? No, we’ll delete all email addresses, except the winner.
– Do I need to send you my name or personal data? No, pls don’t send over personal data.
– If I win, do I have any obligations? No, you don’t have any obligations then. Indeed we’d welcome a photo of you wearing the hosiery.
– How do you know if I missed the first one or two words?  We will update this post when released any of the words.
– Can I myself choose the tights? Yes, You choose from the Heist website and we send them to you.
– Can you send them to all countries? Yes we can.
– How can I activate the push notifications? Please do a search for ‘how to enable push notifications’

More questions? Write to chan (at) mantyhose (dot) net!

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