Why on earth would you, a man wear tights / pantyhose?

Good question! Pantyhose are so femmy, just like lace panties and bras, right? Wrong. You might miss out something great from your life. Just read my subjective article (please note that I am a p/mantyhose fan, nothing of an independent observer) and, through my glasses you’ll see why.

If you want to read from someone more independent, check out this article on Forbes: www.forbes.com/sites/jamespoulos/2012/03/14/five-reasons-mantyhose-could-be-the-next-spanx

men wearing tights

Men can wear pantyhose / tights in a stylish way


Tights / pantyhose / mantyhose are practical to an extent that you’ll suspect that society has deliberately hid their existence from you. Typical situation: you are late and running, trying to find a pair of socks. Yes, the cleaning lady was there, yes your darling paired them, but now, it’s craze, you just don’t seem to find a pair. They’ve run away for an unannounced holiday, at least one member of the pair. Luckily, there’s a pair of male tights just arrived yesterday. Two feet, inseparably connected, no worries.

They will do for warmth as well. Is it very cold outside? Wear a thick one, and wear your favorite summer trousers over, or even shorts. Is it the rainy foggy day that could end up both as a slightly warm or slightly cold one? Just wear a 20-den or 40-den, thin / semi thin version under your trousers. In between? Choose from a dozen types of tights made for men.

Have sensitive hips? Careful about your kidneys? Wear the hosiery that you can pull up to your stomach. Want to hide your nylonwear? Get those with low hips or with built-in socks. Don’t want to struggle with boxers? Wear those with a built-in boxer brief, and you got two in one, or three in one, respectively.

Honestly, while all these sound funny, tights are practical above all.

size-of-mantyhoseHealthy & Sporty

Lots of walking, standing, long hours of sitting, having problems with your legs – what else than a good massage your legs would need? You can choose from a vaiety of semi / compression tights, some of them are so thin that you can wear them even during the summer. They are only tight where they should be, leaving space and maximum comfort where it’s needed.

I myself usually wear them during film shootings, when I spend my days mostly standing and walking; add to that that the working part of those days can last for 18-20 hours. It’s so crucial that I save energy and feel less tired that I am doing anything legal and sustainable to keep myself fit.  My non-official and completely anecdotal evidence is that they save 25-30% energy. That means quite a lot, whether it’s about doing a few more rounds of an intense work, or ‘just’ about carrying home a huge pack from the store. I call my compression tights my invisible armour, and treat them with maximum respect: they have a separate box with velvet lining, they are always hand-washed, and no cleaning lady can touch them.

Same for sports and outdoor activities: from running to hiking, you can use some additional leg support.

Hugging you

When you wear your p/mantyhose, you’ll feel it to some extent all the time. If you wear a thin pair that is not very elastic, you might only feel some friction between your trousers and your legs, or maybe in your shoes. The more thick / elastic / compression you wear, the more you’ll feel them touching you.

Some people call it a massage, some call it a hug, some call it caress. It’s a very good feeling that you can soon be addicted to (or it can be disturbing if you don’t like it). And there are endless combinations for the type of hosiery and for the type of trousers / outfit. If you are open to sensual experiences, you can also try to trim or shave your legs – then it gives a completely different, much better feeling.

Same applies to the material: if you like soft materials, than you can find pleasure in thin hosiery, while if you are the opposite, you may find the material of compression hosiery interesting. But there are also extremely soft thick hosiery, and thin ones with lots of compression.

How the Men in Tights feel?

So let’s see what the actual wearers are saying. We have our top-notch survey running on at http://goo.gl/forms/S7Gc5iWcZF, and we have significant results already:



It seems that most of them prefers the comfort above all, which can be both warmth and compression, and it’s less important that they are practical, so I am minority 🙂  Then it’s the material and the hugging factor that we’ve been talking about above.


An important aspect: how does it change your day when you are wearing the mantyhose? As you can see, around 40% of the guys wearing them are feeling relaxed, while almost the same number feels ‘pumped up’ or some kind of excitement. But you might also fall into the 20% who just feels the same. Try it, experiment with it. If they give you 10% more relaxation, or more energy during your day, that can make a huge difference on the long run.


This is again a very subjective question, about feelings. But it’s all about how we feel, isn’t it? The interesting thing is that 42% of the wearers feel something that starts with the word ‘more’. So the tights can ‘add value’ in many cases, even it’s just a feeling. But is it really a ‘just’? I mean, what else can you do to feel that you are ‘more’ than usually? There are not many non-harmful, legal tools, and mantyhose seems to be one of them, at least in certain cases.


Mantyhose - tights for men - pantyhose for men - legwear fashion by Chan Kraemer and www.mantyhose.netFunny

Have you shown your hairy legs covered with thin p/mantyhose to your partner yet? You’ll be laughed at for sure. It’s such a miserable sight that it won’t leave anybody neutral. Your Mantyhose Outfit is not an issue that should be taken seriously, unless you decide to wear them with shorts.

Secret society

The Cult of Mantyhose is the next secret society that you might enjoy. There are some truly entertaining, and there are some truly disgusting, forums / message boards / online places that you might hate / love. Your decision.


Sexy legs of men should be shown, that’s what ladies say. The very same way that hosiery can improve ladies’ legs can it improve yours. Or can look terrible, of course. Don’t try the hairy version with the thin p/mantyhose, but do use semi-transparent or opaque hosiery. If you can’t imagine that you remove your leg hair, just trim it with an automatic shaver, and you’re ready for the 20-den wonder. So, do you have good looking legs? Time to show them in p/mantyhose or tights.


Suggested hosiery to start with. Be sure to buy the appropriate size. If not sure, buy one size larger! Don’t forget that 90% of the ladies complaining about hosiery are actually using the wrong size, for vanity reasons. Don’t do that. Also never buy ‘one size fit all’ hosiery, because one size does not fit all, it’s just a way how manufacturers want to save.

Something like long johns, just less bulky:

Glamory Microman 100

Something for running or outdoors:

Emilio Cavallini Side Stripes Meggings or Mantyhose

Some really hardcore compression tights:

Any of Comfort4men’s 140 den compression tights

Some everyday, thin hosiery, preferably with a fly:

Activskin A630 Microfabric All-nylon Sheer Pantyhose with Fly

A1730 Microfabric Sheer-to-the-Waist Pantyhose

Thin hosiery with compression:

A539 Microfabric Light Support Sheer-to-the-Waist Pantyhose

A660 Microfabric Sheer-to-the-Waist Support Pantyhose with Fly

Alternatively, you just purchase a few pairs of over-the-counter ladies tights and start experimenting. In this case, bear in mind: 1., buy at least one size larger than suggested, but over 6 feet it should be two sizes. If you are large, just buy XXL tights. 2., When wearing tights that have a comfort panel in the back (you see two seams at their back side), wear it that the comfort panel goes to the front, so it’s going to be your male comfort panel.

(Little hosiery helper)

den – that says how thick the material is. 20-den is the basic sheer hosiery, 40 den is semi-opaque
lycra – the material that gives elasticity to the hosiery. Pure nylon hosiery can become loose.
support – they give your legs some compression, saving you energy and keeping them more fit
tights – they are usually thick ones with less nylon

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