Why do figure skaters wear tights over their skates?

The Winter Olympic games recently has got people talking about all kinds of sports they might not usually pay attention to. And lately, people have been puzzled by figure skating. Their outfits, to be specific. Tights OVER boots? What?

And not all figure skaters are doing it – some wear their tights under boots, some wear them over. Is it a big decision? What’s the difference?

One reason is purely about how it looks – wearing tights over boots can elongate your legs, which may make you look more graceful to judges.

It can also be practical – it’s much easier to get them on and off to change outfits without having to fiddle about with taking boots on and off!

It seems like wearing tights over boots probably doesn’t do anything to help with technique when figure skating. It’s definitely a personal choice about practicality and how it looks.

Over the boot tights are more durable than normal tights – they’re opaque and super strong, so they can stand being pulled over a boot without laddering. We need to get our hands on these!

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