Where to Find Tights for Different Skin Tones

If you head down to your local high street and have a look at the range of nude tights available, what you’ll probably see is one ‘nude’ – a light pinky or sandy shade that only really works for one skin tone. If you skin is darker or more tanned that that, you have two options: have weird coloured legs that are lighter than the rest of your skin, or just go for black tights and give up on the idea of nude entirely.

If you have skin that is at all different to this one ‘nude’ shade, we have some options for you! While we still have a way to go, lots of brands are increasing their shade range for their ‘nude’ tights, and we are seeing lots of indie brands pop up offering different shades than what we normally see in shops.


SheerChemistry is a fun brand that offers 5 different nude shades in a range of different nude styles with different denier options. They have a fun little description of personalities to suit each shade, and offer shade comparisons with celebrities and foundations.

Shop here: https://www.sheerchemistry.com/your-shade/


Ownbrown offers nude tights in a range of shades, and they also have a range of knee highs! They offer shade comparisons wtih a lot of different foundations so you should be able to find out which shade is best for you. They are also working on a lingerie range!

Shop here: http://ownbrown.com/


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