What You Need To Know About Thigh Highs

What You Need To Know About Thigh Highs

When many think of thigh highs, they actually may have them confused with stockings. Stockings require a suspender belt to be held properly in place, while thigh highs are able to be held up on their own. Both hosiery choices are popular choices for date nights, but there’s a lot more to know about thigh highs than this simple distinction.

Thigh High Benefits

For some, wearing thigh
highs once is a game-changer. After wearing thigh highs, they may decide that
this is their hosiery style of choice, reaching less and less for their full
sets of pantyhose or tights. Not only do thigh highs feel sexy, they’re also
quite comfortable, and allow for certain breeziness and movement that other
hosiery options do not.

Thigh highs are comprised
of two pieces, one for each leg, with nothing connecting the legs in the middle
or covering any area of the hips, bum, waist, or stomach. For some women, this
provides a certain feeling of freedom, allowing their legs to be covered
without the extra layering on any other part of their body. For those who do
like some shaping or control, control
wear panties
and shapewear can be worn with thigh highs to keep the freedom
while incorporating these additional benefits.

Thigh Highs In Fashion

Thigh high hosiery is not
a new trend or a passing fad, and this style of hosiery has been consistently
in style for generations. What this means is that you can expect your
investment pair of thigh highs to last not just in their durability, but in
their elegant fashion appeal. Just about any style of fashion, retro or modern,
can be enhanced by pairing with a stylish and classic pair of thigh high

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