What You Need To Know About Pairing Hosiery With Shoes

What You Need To Know About Pairing Hosiery With Shoes

Your hosiery is a huge part of your look, and your shoes are a huge part of your look – so how do you make sure they’re both working in harmony? Pairing the wrong shoes with your hosiery can break your look, while making the perfect pairing will elevate your entire style to another level. A few tips for making perfect shoe and hosiery pairings include:

  • Follow a rule of two – When putting together a full outfit with your hosiery and shoe look, you won’t look “clunky” or clashing if you follow the rule of twos. This rule states that pairing matching elements should be done in twos, and in doing so, you can play with color in just about any way you please. For instance, if you plan to pair navy tights with mustard colored shoes, make sure the dress features shades of navy and accessorize with a mustard belt to tie in the shoe look seamlessly.
  • Be mindful of your shades – Wearing tights with matching colored shoes makes for a great monochromatic look that flawlessly elongates the leg, however it doesn’t work every time. The trick to use is to make sure your shoes are a shade darker than your hosiery or an exact match; never a lighter shoe paired with a darker hosiery choice. Black hosiery can always be paired with a black shoe, but colored hosiery like our Cortina 40 Semi-Opaque Tight in Bright Colors in Cielo is perfect for pairing with a navy shoe choice for a monochromatic look.
  • Elongate your ankles – If you plan to wear a bootie with hosiery, it’s always advised to match the color choice of your hosiery with the color of your shoes. Breaking up color that high up on the ankle can look “clunky”, or shorten the leg, while pairing shades will do just the opposite. For a black bootie, an opaque black hosiery option like our Coral 60 Ultra Soft 3D Opaque Tights with Satin Sheen in Nero is a safe and stylish bet.

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