What happened to the mantyhose?

Tights.fun (formerly e-MANcipate.net and mantyhose.net)

london-metro-thumbTights.fun is the only fashion magazine that is entirely decidated to hosiery and legwear. We are also promoting and marketing mantyhose, or pantyhose / tights for men.

We are indeed… not promoting crossdressing, transvestitism or transsexualism; not promoting fetishes nor promoting the eradication of the males, fathers, families or any gender roles that are needed for our beloved culture and highly appreciated society.

Clothing beyond ties and dress socks

While there are many health and sports/outdoor benefits for men wearing pantyhose / mantyhose, Tights.fun is mainly focusing on the fashion side of the mantyhose.

We think that guys could really show off their legs in a manly way, as they did it for centuries. Dressing up is fun, and men should be finally part of it, too (doubts? ask a woman!!!).

Male legs are a terra incognita, and could be illustrated with pantyhose well. So yes, check out our fashion dept. and see with your own eyes!

History of mantyhose.net (former e-MANcipate.net)

As Chinese newspaper “Global Times” recently wrote, Chan Kraemer loves tights and wants you to love them too. Project e-MANcipate was founded back in 2003, as Chan Kraemer, a long-time hosiery wearer was fed up with the fact that his favorite piece of clothing was considered as a female-only item. Even worse, many people associated the male pantyhose wearing habit with fetishes, crossdressing and other such issues.

Chan decided to create a page on the net that provides tasteful images, to show that pantyhose for men – or as we call now, ‘mantyhose’ – can be fashionable clothing items without any side thoughts or negative associations. e-MANcipate / mantyhose.net slowly evolved into an online medium, promoter of the mantyhose, a community center.

In 2012, after succesfully coining the word “mantyhose” it changed its name to mantyhose.net.