We Love Men In Tights by Shirley Fracture

Shirley has always loved a man in tights.  Of course there is a long history of men wearing tights throughout history as was the fashion of the times.  And of course dancers wear them all the time.

Today, a  lot of men like to layer them under shorts, others like to wear a high denier/thicker or woolly pair of tights instead of pants & layer with a shirt & jacket as a fashion statement.  Then there are men who like to wear them with skirts or dresses & as far as Shirley Fracture is concerned, as long as you are comfortable, wear them however you want.

Shirley Fracture has always catered to male customers & as long as the size is right, anyone can wear them.  I once asked a friend to model some 70 denier leggings for me for a photo shoot & he was reluctant but agreed.  I teamed them with a top & jacket & he looked great.  In the end it was difficult to get them off him as he wore them all day he was so comfortable.

Model wears 70 denier hand painted bondage Johnnie leggings.

I’m happy to do custom orders if your size or the design you want isn’t in the web store.  I can do the men’s ‘pouch’ leg wear but these tend to be more expensive & are of a different material.  Also men’s hosiery in general is more expensive but I will always do my best to make you what you want.

I’ve always thought of my hosiery as unisex but as I said earlier, it is just important to get the size right but that goes for everyone.

Junius Paul of Junius Paul Quartet wearing 100 denier hand painted ‘Shattered’ tights hand painted by Shirley Fracture Couture.

I love this shot of Junius Paul wearing Shirley Fracture hand painted ‘Stuck On You’ 50 denier leggings he has layered over some black tights.

So guys out there, tights are for you to, have fun with them, make them a fashion statement & enjoy.  XX


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