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We do follow product news and updates! So, here’s the latest newsletter from Comfilon/Activskin!

“We’re featuring another fabulous style this month – our Thermofabric Opaque Tights Style A4012. First a little history. This started out as a product concept that came to us. We didn’t think of it and we can’t take credit for it. It was proposed by a supplier in the Carolinas who had been watching our progress and wanted to make products for us.They had never worked with us before, but the president had ordered some things from us, liked our products and service, and had an idea for a new product for us – support tights with a high compression lower leg and a low compression upper leg – and he presented us with prototypes.

 We evaluated them and thought they were very good. We also asked the supplier to offer us just the sock by itself, which they willingly did, and A2100 was born. Since then we have worked with this supplier to develop a number of other styles, and our collaboration has been good for both of us.

 The tights are a unique product. The lower leg has a subtle masculine pattern and a high level of compression to provide support for customers who stand all day or sit all day. They are great for long flights, especially overseas flights, where passengers are confined to sit for a long time and want to maximize comfort and minimize the chances for serious medical conditions. A4012 does not have a fly (not yet anyway) but it does have a gusset for strength at the crotch, which ensures good durability. A4012 is available in black only, in sizes M, L, XL, and XXL. They are 74% nylon and 26% spandex. But don’t just take our word for it. Look at the product and read the customer reviews.


 A2100 socks have the same pattern and high level of compression. My own physician wears them everyday and recommends them to his other patients with circulation challenges. They’re extremely durable, easy to care for, and come 2 pairs to a package for good economy. The are available in three colors, black, navy, and brown, and one size fits most because they are so stretchy. They are 79% nylon and 21% spandex.


 Until March 31, we’re offering both of these styles on sale for 25% off the regular price. If you like or need support on your lower legs, these are for you. Order them today.

 Reminder: we’re still offering free shipping on orders greater than $50, and our Ribbed Tights, A857 are still on sale until February 28.”

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