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I was checking one of my favourite website, HosieryForMen (http://hosieryformen.blogspot.com/) for new reviews, when noticed that they just received a pair of tights from Wade & Belle, and since they have such a nice name, decided to check their products.

They are in the row of the Revolutionist Hosierists, who seem to find the Ultimate Solution in the waistband.

But who are these Revolutionists, and why do need solutions???

I think that with the expansion of the web to handhelds (and basically every corner of our lives), and with the acceleration of the process of setting up online sales, a lot of niche markets opened up recently, and hosiery seems to be one of them.

Will write more about in in another article, but Wade & Belle are not the first ones who set up a small business on their hosiery.

And about the Solution: everyone wants to create the Comfortable Pantyhose / Tights, that feel good to wear, not like ‘tradiitonal’ hosiery.

So back to the beginning: Wade & Belle say that it’s the waistband that is responsible for our comfort. As they state, they have a ‘revolutionary waistband for pinchless perfection’ and ‘No squishing. No love handles. No discomfort.’

As soon as HosieryForMen does the review, we’ll re-publish it here.

Until then, check out their shop, or share your experience with them: http://www.wadeandbelle.com/

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