Revolution? Vogue says yes to open toe sandals with pantyhose


If your eyes are not trained for men wearing shorts and tights, you might start with another long-time fashion nonsense: open toe sandals & shoes worn with pantyhose.

After checking out next year’s trends, the editor of Vogue called the look the biggest surprise, and went into a pre/post Freudian, in-depth and personal analysis, which we are not going to repeat here, but suggest to read at their page at – it’s illustrated with more images.

I think we should celebrate, really. It’s so obvious that pantyhose look good with open toe footwear – I personally know it since the 1980’s, and I am very far from being a Vogue editor. If you accept that a pair of legs are wrapped into some material (e.g. pantyhose), then the logical extension is that it’s wrapped as a whole, including the feet. Treat it as a color tone, or as a pattern. Why would you treat the toes different to the rest of the feet or the legs? Why wouldn’t you show one end of the feet, while the other end (the heels) can be shown? There should be some very deep explanation for this, derived from our evolutionary and cultural mix, spiced with the eroticism (or anti-eroticism) of the modern western societies… maybe it was the last reserve of what the female gender kept for the worst case – if men also started to wear pantyhose?

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