Tights To Help Get Rid of Varicose Veins & Thread Veins

Tights for Varicose Veins

While many of our customers visit us here at Luxury-Legs looking for a fashion driven pair of tights to help them achieve a particular look, we know that many also visit because they’re looking for advice about tights that can help with particular problems they may be having with their legs.

As experts in luxury legwear, we understand not only what looks good, but what can perform well for our customers and keep their legs looking and feeling in tip top condition.

Many people suffer from varicose veins and thread veins and come to us looking for advice about the kinds of tights that can help alleviate some of the symptoms!

First things first…

What Are Varicose Veins?

Found on the legs and feet, varicose veins are veins that have become swollen and enlarged. You’ll find that they will be blue or dark purple, and may appear to be lumpy, twisted or bulging. Varicose veins cause other symptoms such as aching legs, swollen feet and ankles, throbbing in the legs, muscle cramp in the legs and dry, itchy & thin skin over the vein.

Varicose veins are caused when small valves inside the veins are no longer working properly, meaning that the blood collects in the vein causing it to become swollen. You’re more likely to develop varicose veins the older you are, especially if you are female or have a close family member that also suffers from varicose veins. Other factors such as being overweight, being pregnant or standing for long periods of time can also cause varicose veins.

For serious cases of varicose veins that are causing pain or discomfort, there are several ways you can treat them, but for most people, light symptoms can be relieved with a little TLC and a good pair of tights.

What Are Thread Veins?

Otherwise known as spider veins, thread veins are tiny but prominent veins that appear just below the surface of the skin. These veins will appear to be extremely fine and are often red or purple – they’ll branch out in a spider-web pattern and can appear anywhere on the body, though they’re most likely to appear on the legs and face.

Spider veins don’t tend to cause any bother beyond their appearance, but on rare occasions they can become itchy and, though they’re not caused by it, can be exaggerated by standing for long periods of time or exposure to extreme temperatures.  

Not much can or needs to be done about thread veins, but if you’re wanting to reduce them or make sure they don’t become any more prominent, it’s worth taking a look at some simple leg care solutions and stocking up on some tights that can help to support your legs.

Tights for Varicose Veins

Basic Leg Care For Varicose Veins & Thread Veins

If you don’t suffer from any complications with your varicose veins or thread veins, the treatment can be pretty straightforward. You’ll need to make sure that you take regular exercise, avoid standing up for long periods of time without moving or walking around, and that you elevate your legs whenever you rest.

Many also claim that compression stockings and support tights can help to alleviate symptoms. Although not everyone can wear compression stockings (you need a special test to check that your blood circulation is appropriate), anyone can benefit from a good pair of support tights.

Which Tights To Wear To Help Varicose Veins & Thread Veins

Support tights will gently compress your legs, encouraging blood to flow upwards towards the heart. They can help to relieve any discomfort and swelling caused by varicose veins, and can even prevent new varicose veins from appearing if worn every day from morning until night.

Our collection of support tights offer stylish options that may alleviate swollen legs caused by varicose veins from top legwear brands including Wolford, Item M6 and Spanx



Discover even more styles that can help your varicose veins to vamoose in our full collection of support tights at Luxury-Legs.

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