Media offer – hosiery and swimwear

princessHave a hosiery / legwear / swimwear shop? Working for a brand or for a shop, managing / launching hosiery / swimwear products, or even brands? is the largest independent media platform and hosiery influencer – so let’s talk! We are looking for long term relationships and have a relaxed, and constructive approach.

Free for all

  • reviewing your products by our bloggers (two products per month)
  • adding your RSS/Atom feed (blogs usually create the feed automatically) to our stream, with keeping the original links pointing to you shop / products,
  • posting individual news items that you provide,
  • posting other hosiery related news that you provide us.


As of 2018, we also offer paid advertisements. Click here to find out more:

Social media campaigns

We are present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and have a long track record of reaching users with unique creative campaigns. Based on your needs we can give you an individual offer for a given time frame.

Combined campaigns

We can combine all we have and give the best to help you find your customers. That includes all of the above + mobile platform (which is still in its infancy, but we keep working on it).

Social media campaign as a service (in English)

We can even launch, or take care of, your social presence, as a completely separate service, supported with our background in the industry. That includes campaign planning and management with daily posts, targeting and re-targeting, creative copy writing, creative graphics editing and many more on demand. See a typical offer here as pdf!

Media and content production

Our images were published many million times by websites, blogs, newpapers and even by tv channels, during the past years. We can do fashion photo shoots, product photo shoots, and do video advertisements (commercials) from A to Z. See our rate cards here as pdf!

Just drop an email to chan (at) tights (dot) fun. (We don’t support shops selling non-hosiery adult items, and we try to avoid adult items as a whole.)