The Danish Tights for Men and Women

Danish brand I See Your Legs have a range of unisex tights, modelled on both men and women. The tights come in a neat little sealed gold package, enabling you to take tight out with you in case you need them unexpectedly.

“I was frustrated by two things in the legwear market: too many choices in an unfit lifestyle packaging.
The mission was clear: to develop trustworthy high-end classic legwear packed in a smart Danish Design packaging to fit the legwear lovers lifestyle. I believe that by bringing practical values into packaging we inspire and stimulate the use of legwear in our fashionable society, where legs are considered attractive and physically appealing regardless the gender or culture” wrote Mette Søby Lund, co-founder of I See Your Legs.


I See Your Legs take a gender-free and gender inclusive approach to their products, encouraging anyone who wants to wear their tights to go ahead and be seen wearing them.

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