The Best Tights To Wear To Work For Every Job

The Best Tights To Wear To Work For Every Job

With the colder months coming, tights are a necessity for any professional’s wardrobe. When shopping for professional tights there are a couple of considerations. First, you want to only buy high-quality pairs. Nothing will destroy your professional look faster than a run in your tights. Secondly, you want to find a pair that is comfortable, especially if you are sitting all day long. We recently published a guide what makes tights comfortable to help you find the perfect pair. Finally, you want the tights you pick to meet the requirements of your office dress code.

The Perfect Tights For Your Office Dress Code

Tights For Professional Dress Code: People who work in industries like legal professionals, medical staff, and in government often have to adhere to strict dress codes. With these options, it is best to stick with conservative options like nude pantyhose, sheer black tights, and solid black tights. Here are some options to add to your professional dress wardrobe:

● Nude: Cool Summer Ultra Sheer Tights These tights are extremely breathable, have a matte finish, and offer a barely-there look. Perfect for the office.

● Sheer Black: Coral 60 Ultra Soft 3D Opaque Tights With Satin Sheen With a velvety soft touch and breathable, snag-resistant fabric, these are ideal to wear all day long.

● Solid Black: Charme 50 Seamless Tights Extremely durable, with soft, flexible fabric, this is the perfect opaque pair of tights to ensure you never get caught with a run at the office.

Tights For Business Casual: In modern office jobs, most people wear business casual. The options for the professional dress code are also ideal for business casual dress, but you can mix it up a little more. In business casual options, you can introduce a few new bold colors and some subtle textures. Here are some great options to consider:

Colored Tights: Cortina 40 Semi-Opaque Tights In Bright Colors Offered in a rainbow of colors, these matter tights are an extremely comfortable way to offer a pop of color at the office. Pair these with neutral colors and professional options and you’ll showcase your personality, while staying professional.

Textured Tights: Fiore Augusta Fashion Microfibre Tights If you want to try wearing a little pattern at the office, stick to something more conservative like a black patterned tight like these.

Tights For Casual Dress: If you work in a start-up culture or industrial or manufacturing jobs, you usually have a casual dress code. Casual dress is a great opportunity to express your personality. You can wear almost all of the tights we offer. We just recommend you focus on wearing our most comfortable offerings. has a variety of great options for your work wardrobe, no matter what your job. Check out our selection to add to your work wardrobe.

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