Surprise! A Past Hosiery Trend We Didn’t Expect

Surprise! A Past Hosiery Trend We Didn't Expect

Trends come and go and tend to dissipate almost as quickly as they appear. However, there are still a few trends that fall into our laps and actually surprise us. With each season, we see that certain pieces of our wardrobe need to be swapped out from our everyday wear. Winter was no exception. But did you notice anything about this past season that surprised you?

White Tight Bandwagon

White tights made a big appearance this year and stood strong alongside the cowboy boot trend. White tights are very reminiscent of the sixties and the icons of those days including Twiggy and Penelope Tree. It is an almost vintage accessory choice that made a comeback but came back a bit more modern.

Choosing white tights was a good way to begin the foundation of your ensemble. They are the first bold look to incorporate and offer an almost blank canvas so you can personalize your style while staying with the current white tight trend.

Too Risky?

Are pure white tights too risky for you? The good news is that opaque white tights are also popular and they also come in a variety of different patterns, so they are really great to have for any season because they are so versatile and adaptable. Going into spring and the warmer months, you can also use them under a cute pair of tailored shorts, and strappy sandals are the perfect complement.

Need Some Color?

If you want a little more reach than just white, then pastel tights are also in and can be paired with sneakers for a sweet look. Still have those cowboy boots we talked about earlier? Well, pull them out and match them up with your tights for a playful outfit for a fun night out.

White is also a great base for other colors because it really is a blank canvas. You get a cleaner and more dramatic look when pairing your white tights with brighter colors like yellow and reds. You just can’t achieve that same effect when you pair these colors with your black tights.

Not sure which pair to buy? Start off with some pastels, grab your strappy sandals, and see how you feel. Ready for this new bold look? At, we have everything you need to begin building up your hosiery collection. Don’t be shy! Come take a look and see what we have to offer!

From simple white tights to bright neon and even fishnets, you are sure to find something that perfectly fits your style and personality.

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