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Before the 1920’s, stockings were worn for warmth, but, as dress hemlines rose, women began to wear sheer stockings to cover their bare legs. Stockings would have been made from silk or rayon, then later nylon which was first introduced by a company called Dupont in America.

Ladies choose to wear stockings over tights for various reasons. They can be considered healthier than tights due to having extra ventilation, and they are definately considered more alluring than tights. The downsides are that you may feel the cold during the winter months, and you need to wear them with a suspender belt. Stockings are available now is varying deniers, from the sheerest summer styles to winter warmers. Here are a few styles suitable for the warmer weather.

Charnosday2_Elegance Stockings

Charnos Elegance Stockings, above, are luxurious yet very affordable at £6.25. They have a plain top and a sheer toe so are bperfect to wear with peep toes or sandals. Available in two naturals shades as well as the staple black.



Falke Fond de Poudre Stockings are ultra transparent and give a perfect fit for flawless legs. The innovative material will ensure your legs look lovely and natural.




Wolford Affaire Stockings are silky and seductive. The sheer, shimmery transparent look is topped off with an elaborately made floral lace band. The durable reinforced toe allows for extra longevity of wear.



The Glamory hosiery label is designed for the curvier lady in mind with the sizing going up to 3XL  These are 20 denier matt finish stockings which are perfect for any occasion and the price of £5.20 is great too.



Not everyone wants a plain sheer stocking, seams are an extremely popular choice.  Jonathan Aston have a great selection not only in stockings but also in holdups and tights.



Trasparenze have the most amazing selection of hosiery, and have only recently brought fashion stockings into their range.  The above Rame stockings, which have a neat cubic spot design on a fine tulle material, are so wearable with so many outfits.  They are finished with a delightful contrasting top.

So all in all, there is something for everyone.




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