Statement Hosiery Will Be Everywhere This Fall

From glittery socks to colorful tights, this is an easy trend to jump on now.

From left: Adam Selman, Creatures of Comfort, Saks Potts, Jeremy Scott and Ulla Johnson. Photos: Imaxtree, Creatures of Comfort,, Saks Pott, Imaxtree, Ulla Johnson

Coloured Tights have always been a fashion statement. To this day the Queen has all the women wearing tights when out in public. And so many women wear them for religious purposes. But Fashion has never let this style go. No mater what you are wearing or what you personal style is there is a pair that will always go with your outfit. And there is always a range of patterns and designs that will go with your personality.  To see coloured tights walk the runway for 2018 trends and ready to wear collections like Jeremy Scott and Saks pots is super exciting. Especially for us who sell unique tights for every woman and girl and for every fashion crazy and desire. From plain solid colours (80 denier tights) to sheers and sexy nets

This week also saw a gorgeous photo shoot take place for Another magazine staring ” Saoirse Ronan ” styled beautifully with all over stars printed tights 


Here is a round up of the NY fashion week tights highlights from around the web. 


‘ One of the collection’s main parts was dedicated to Desigual’s keen eye for the most contemporary fashions, with trends such as colored and fishnet stockings, belts cinched at the waists and denim garments having been analysed in-depth, too. Often paired with garments embellished with patchworks of different prints, from geometrical to those inspired by nature. ‘

Whitney Bauck from FASHIONISTA

” So while we’ve been wearing glitter socks for a while now, we’ve also been happy to see them prevalently displayed on the Fall 2018 runways as a sign that sparkly feet are here to stay. Whether featuring athletic stripes worn with low heels at Creatures of Comfort or paired with matching glittery eye makeup at Ulla Johnson, this season’s styling felt more mature-glam than little-girl-playing-dress-up.

But glittery socks weren’t the only statement hosiery that designers gravitated toward for their fall collections. Even more prevalent were eye-catching tights. There were full-on sparkle tights at Ulla Johnson made of the same knit material as the socks, in addition to candy-colored hose at Jeremy Scott in shades like traffic-cone orange and acid green; jewel-toned hose at Adam Selman were paired with multi-colored dresses; and there were a bevy of pastel and bright-white tights at Saks Potts. ” 

Jeremy Scott 

 Full Runway Show > 


Ana Colon from Glamour writes 

Colored Tights

It’s once again time to revisit a beloved clothing item of yore: colored tights. You may not have thought to wear them since your grade school days, but bright stockings are coming back from the archives for fall 2018, thanks to designers like Tom Ford, who sent animal-prints and metallic versions down his runway, and Saks Potts, which hosted one of the most Instagrammed presentations of Fashion Week.

From left: Tom Ford, Saks Potts, Ulla Johnson

Tom Ford Full Runway Show > 

Ulla Johnson Full Runway Show >


Saks Potts 

Get the look Here

According to Harling Ross fashion editor at MAN REPELLER reported from Fashion week

COLORED TIGHTS were EVERYWHERE during fashion week. My favorite example appeared at Saks Potts, wherein frequent Man Repeller model Alicia Bansal was wearing smurf-blue tights to match her ice-blue coat. For a while I really thought fishnets were going to have an extended moment in the sun as the fun “It” stocking du jour, but now I can confidently say Crayola tights are claiming the throne. I’ll take a whole rainbow of them, please and thanks.

Adam Selman Full Runway Show > 

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