SockTights – Tights with a Sole

Have you ever thought about having tights with built-in socks? Now they are here!

SockTights is an American-based brand that has created a range of tights with socks built in. At the ankle, the tights become thicker, more like socks, making them more comfortable, more durable, and warmer.

As they say: “We hand sew actual socks to the bottom of our premium hosiery so you feet stay cushioned and comfy all day long.

  • premium smoothing tight
  • sculpted cushioning
  • mesh ventilation zone
  • arch support
  • moisture wicking fibers
  • flat toe seam”

They have a large range of products, from plain black and nude tights for work, to bright and patterned tights for fun. Our favorite were these:

They are called Cable Knit Tights, come in black and gray, and cost 28$ without mail / customs:

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