We All Just Want To Have Fun by Shirley Fracture

Welcome to my first little blog spot for the new on-line magazine tights.fun.  I wanted to focus on the colour & fun we can have with our hosiery.  How it can be an integral part of our outfit & not just utilitarian.

Myself, I have a small fashion label, Shirley Fracture Couture which began with my hand painted leg wear then expanded from there, but hand painting tights is something I specialise in. 
There are many ‘fashion’ tights options out there but mine are individually hand painted so are limited edition, unique & suit the fashion forward individual not afraid to express themselves by what they wear.
I don’t want to sound big headed, but by their nature of how they are designed & created, my hosiery is wearable art.  Quality is important at Shirley Fracture & my tights can be worn for many seasons.

But right now it is the holiday season whichever hemisphere you live in, so maybe that means parties, get togethers, travels or just hanging at home.  You may just want to cheer yourself up & say to the rest of the world, ‘I’m going to wear what I want’ & let your legs do the talking. Let’s be brave & have some fun with our leg wear.

Pictured below, friends hanging out in Sparkle Star Owl 50 denier leggings & Stuck On You leggings in orange. Photographer Josie Richardson.

Your milkshakes will bring all the boys to the yard with these legs.  Model on the left in ‘Shattered’ tights, all other clothing also by Shirley Fracture

Time to kick up our legs, let them talk not just walk & be fashion fearless in the coming year.

Pictured below are Sparkle Star Pony 50 denier leggings by Shirley Fracture.  Photo by Josie Richardson.

To shop my leg wear go to http/:www.shirleyfracture.com.au

Also a selection in store at  https://www.facebook.com/urbancowstudio
Any enquiries you can email me contact@shirleyfracture.com.au
You will also find Shirley Fracture on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr where you will see much more.  I will also do custom orders for you, & that includes for men as well.

PS Until the end of January I’m running a promotion in the webstore.  Just use the code HOLIDAYDISCOUNT  at check out to get 20% off your order.  You’re welcome.

The magazine  https://www.tights.fun is where you will find out all sorts of wondrous things about tights. Congratulations to tights.fun fabulous new on-line mag & I hope you enjoyed my first little article for them which will become a regular spot where we discuss many issues & stories about hosiery.

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