Sheer Chemistry: Colourmatch Your Personality!

Sheer Chemistry is another fantastic brand offering nude, sheer tights in a range of different shades to suit everyone.

“Designed for ambitious, radiant and confident women who want tights to seamlessly complement their fashion choices, we’re dedicated to creating quality products that empower you to feel confident and gorgeous in your own skin,” says the brand.

They have a fun, exciting way of naming and describing their different shades. Each one is named after founder Tahlia’s travels around the world, and offers an insight into the possible personality of the wearer – and also provide shade information comparable to different brands of makeup like MAC, Nars, and Bobbi Brown. There are multiple different styles available, all available in each shade option.

This shade, New York Soul, is for someoen that’s bold, fearless and disarmingly authentic. Your perfect getaway is rooftop bar in Brooklyn, complete with iconic view of the Manhattan Skyline!

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This shade, Havana Glow, is for someone vibrant and free-spirited, whose glass is always half full! Any wearer of Havana Glow is ‘the ultimate personification of sunshine; others can’t help but bask in your light.’

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