Sandals and Tights – The Debate

 Sandals and Tights - The Debate

One of the longest standing debates and often something many people just can’t see eye to eye on is whether or not it is okay and fashionable to wear socks with sandals. Well, this debate has now spilled over into the legging and tights world as people have begun wondering if it is fashionably acceptable behavior to wear sandals with their tights.

With the arrival of summer, this is definitely something we need to get to the bottom of as we begin to prepare our summer wardrobes.

The Arrival of Summer

We are aware
that people wear hosiery year round and that includes during the summer months
as well. Being bare legged isn’t always something people are comfortable with,
and for this reason, we are saying that it is okay to wear sandals and tights – as long as you have the right

When you
have the right pair of tights in your wardrobe, they can be worn with flat
shoes, sandals, high heels, and more. They will still look as good and as
stylish as ever. The biggest point to remember is to always wear what you love
and what you feel the most comfortable in.

How to Wear Sandals with Tights

When pairing
sandals and tights, the biggest piece of advice we have to offer you is to make
sure it looks natural and it feels comfortable to wear. When you are comfortable,
you are able to exude much more self-confidence and that is what the people
around you will be noticing.

Another tip
is to look for sheer styles to wear instead of a pair of black
opaque tights you may wear at other times of the year. You can also opt for colorful
tights instead of the black as well. Great colors for summer include reds,
yellows, an emerald green, pink, and all of the brightest colors you can think

colors are of course also a good style choice, so shades of mint, peach, light
blues, and pale pinks are also on trend for summer.

Toeless Hosiery – Yes
or No?

It isn’t
necessarily better to wear toeless hosiery with sandals, but this choice really
just comes down to the kind of sandals you will be wearing. Toeless tights are better for slides and sandals
that have a thicker strap over the toes. So, before you panic and become unsure of your
summer wardrobe, consider how versatile a good, high-quality pair of colorful
tights can be. Visit
today to start shopping for your new summer options.

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