Reviewed: Wolford Individual 50 Leg Support Tights

The top European hosiery brand Wolford recently provided Hosiery For men with a lovely range of products to review.

We recently provided an archive of all reviews we have published on Wolford products.
We now focus on the Wolford Individual 50 Leg Support Tights.

Material and features
Wolford describe the Individual 50 Leg Support Tights as:

“Irresistible and indispensable: mat, opaque tights offering a luxurious and ultimate comfort. The anatomically well-distributed support feels fresh and light. It is indispensable on long autumn and winter days.”

Packaging is the standard Wolford approach for most of their hosiery products. The tights are folded around a card rectangle, with images of Wolford products, which is then housed in a folded card envelope. Everything is then wrapped in a cellophane envelope.

The Wolford Individual 50 Leg Support Tights are made from 82% Polyamide (Nylon) and 18% Elastane.

These tights aim to provide what Wolford describes as “invisible support” that energises and lightens the legs. The lights compression aims to stimulate circulation to prevent tired and swollen legs.

The fabric feels soft and luxurious to the touch. It has terrific elasticity and stretch.

The tights have a deep and comfortable brief, with flat seams. There is no rear comfort panel in the XL size.

The 3.5cm wide waistband is soft and comfortable, with the famous Wolford logo sewn inside. There is a cotton gusset expertly engineered into the brief with flat seams.

The tights are sheer to waist with no demarcation between the leg and the brief. Toes are finished with a rounded seam, with no reinforcement.

Fit and sizing
The Wolford Individual 50 Leg Support Tights are available in five sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL.

I tested a pair in the XL size.

The amazing amount of stretch, due to the high use of double wrapped Elastane, provided me with a simply wonderful fit. These tights are genuinely fit like a second skin, moulding to the legs but without any uncomfortable tightness.

Opacity is even and consistent. Although these are 50 denier tights, the appearance and density of the yarn is more similar to 60-70 denier tights.

The tights do indeed provide a comforting level of support to the legs. I tested them once on a day when I was out and about, and on another day when I sat at my desk working. On both occasions I felt a sense of comfort and wellbeing. It’s like having your legs gently hugged all day.

The brief is deep and comfortable and can be positioned where needed – either on or above the waist and hips.

Colour range
The Wolford Individual 50 Leg Support Tights are available in the following shades:

  • Mocca
  • Black
  • Nearly Black
  • Anthracite

I tested a pair in the Mocca shade, a rich, very dark brown.

All four shades are shown below.


Price and availability
The Wolford Individual 50 Leg Support Tights are priced at £31.00 in the UK.

They are available from the Official Online Wolford Shop as well as other leading hosiery retailers.

I will get straight to the point: the Wolford Individual 50 Leg Support Tights are simply superb and I loved them. So much, that I would like to get pairs in all of the shades.

This is the first time I have tested and reviewed any leg support tights by Wolford. I have tried and reviewed a wide range of support hosiery from many different brands, but the Wolford Individual 50 Leg Support Tights are really unique. They are opaque tights that are completely suitable for everyday wear, but at the same time provide leg support without any constriction or discomfort.

I can see why Wolford describe them as “indispensable and irresistible”. I have a very substantial Wolford collection and I like all the styles I have, but the Individual 50 Leg Support Tights could easily become a favourite as they provide such a great wearing experience.

Highly recommended.

Thanks again to Wolford for the sample and for their support for the Hosiery For Men blog.


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