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We’ve received these crotchless tights from TheTightSpot a while ago, so it was definitely time to review them. I have chosen to show them while Esther was breastfeeding the new one… so it became complicated and took much more efforts than planned:

The Miss Naughty tights are very shiny, just as their full name says: Metallic Shine Crotchless Tights. We tried the Silver ones. The material is very soft, comfortable, semi-opaque (the packaging says 40 den). Toes are not reinforced, so you can show your pedicure.

They are crotchless tights, which means they are a kind of combination of stockings and tights, with a big hole in the middle. While it doesn’t make them uncomfortable to wear, it feels a bit different than ‘usual’ tights / pantyhose to wear.

As you can see, the Miss Naughty tights don’t have a pattern, but the way they are sewn is a bit visible. Most people like it, as it can draw attention to your legs (and add the superb shine!).

While these tights are not more vulnerable than any similar products in this range, any small injuries will be more visible on them.

But perhaps you don’t want to wear them a hundred times anyway: they are perfect party tights, and are ready for the afterparty as well 🙂

The Miss Naughtly Metallic Crotchless Tights are available from in three colors, all shiny: fuchsia, silver and gold.

We like and recommend them to our readers.

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