Reviewed: Falke Leg Energiser 50 Tights

UK Tights sent us a pair of the Falke Leg Energizer 50 Tights, part of Falke’s recently launched Leg Aesthetics range.

Falke explain the concept behind the Leg Energiser range:

“Ideal for overcoming extreme stress in style. The vitalising effect of the anatomically adapted pressure distribution with its enhanced range of functions also ensures that the deeper arteries and veins are stimulated. This gives your legs more energy and leaves them feeling light and buoyant. It also leaves them looking beautiful for longer.”

The Leg Aesthetics range has two variants: Leg Vitalizer and Leg Energizer. The former provides medium pressure/compression and the latter strong pressure/compression.


Packaging for Falke Leg Energizer 50 Tights is quite different to most Falke tights we have reviewed. This style comes in a smart but robust box.

The rear of the box provides product and sizing information.

Inside the tights are folded around a card booklet that provides more information about the Leg Aesthetics range. This is then wrapped in a special translucent paper.

The inside of the box also provides detailed instructions on how to put the tights on, which is actually quite useful.

Material and features

Falke describe the Leg Energizer 50 Tights as follows:

  • Ideal for overcoming extreme stress sustainably and in style. The vitalising effect of the anatomically adapted pressure distribution with its higher performance even reaches deeper arteries and veins. This gives your legs more energy and leaves them feeling light and buoyant. At the same time, your legs are not at risk of losing their shape prematurely from within, and remain beautiful longer. Excellent comfort and unrestricted freedom of movement. Fine transparent mesh structure for a naturally beautiful appearance. 50 den appearance. 
  • Compression effect actively stimulates and energises your legs – for extreme strains while sitting, standing or walking, as well as when travelling.
  • Shaping effect for perfectly formed, slender legs.
  • Strong pressure flow improves blood circulation and oxygen supply. You feel fit and strong all day long.

The tights are made from 77% Polyamide and 23% Elastane. They are 50 denier and have a matt appearance. The knit has a very fine mesh structure. The tights feel soft and velvety.

They are not sheer to waist but have a boxer style brief that is black, contrasting slightly with the marine shade on the leg.

The tights are shaped in the leg: the thigh area has more room and tapers gradually towards the calf and ankle. The leg is boarded with a shaped foot and ankle.

Toes and heel have significant reinforcement.

The brief is deep and has flat seams throughout. The XL size has a rear comfort panel rather than a conventional gusset.

The brief has a 3.5cm waistband, with a Falke label attached on the inside.

Fit and sizing

The Falke Leg Energizer 50 Tights are available in four sizes at UK Tights:
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XL

I tested the XL size.

One needs to take care and time putting these tights on as the compression is quite strong. You need get them aligned, making sure the toe and heel are sitting properly. Then gradually pull them up to the knee, then repeating with the other leg. Then you can pull and carefully stretch them up to the crotch and waist making sure that they are evenly distributed.

It’s worth taking the time to get them into the right position and making sure they feel comfortable. Once you have done that they feel quite amazing, like your legs are being continually massaged and stimulated.

I also found that once on, they needed no adjustment at all and stayed in place the whole day.

I think these might be the most comfortable compression tights I have ever tried. The key thing is that they do the job very well indeed: your legs will indeed feel energised. I wore them for a whole day sitting at the desk and the beneficial effect was definitely noticeable.
I am looking forward to wearing them with shorts for a medium haul flight in a few days time.
Colour range

The Falke Leg Energizer 50 Tights are available in three colours at UK Tights.
  • Black
  • Marine
  • Powder

I tested the Marine shade.


Price and availability

The Falke Leg Energizer 50 Tights are priced at £51.99.


The Falke Leg Energizer 50 Tights are the first product we have tried so far in the Leg Aesthetics range.

The price might be the the first thing that you notice. They are certainly the most expensive tights we have trialled and reviewed so far.

However, I can see why the price point is justified, if you need a quality product that enhances leg health. I would make the following points:

  • Quality compression hosiery is always more expensive than conventional tights
  • The design and finish of the Leg Energiser Tights is absolutely top notch
  • Packaging is very good quality
  • Spending a higher amount on quality hosiery will be a good investment in leg health. Spending now is perhaps a proactive step to prevent more problems and costly care later

These really are a superb product. Premium quality compression tights that your legs will love.

If you are flying, driving, walking or sitting your legs will feel energised and stimulated. They really do make a difference.

To back up my assessment, here is a review that a satisfied customer provided for UK Tights:

“Wow, they do what they say on the tin! The best compression tights I have tried. After a bit of a tussle they were on and I could feel them working throughout the day, I just had to move my ankle to feel them, firm but not tight. I decided to try these as I have worn Falke tights before and have found them to be long enough, many tights are not alas, and I am only 5’9 (1.75). I may try the size down as the body with gusset is a little too big though the large says up to 5’11 which I find is sometimes a bit of a struggle to fit my chunky thighs and pull up enough for comfort. Will be saving up for more.”

Thanks to UK Tights for the sample and for their support for the Hosiery For Men blog.


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