Reviewed by Chan: Glamory Microman 100

A while ago – actually quite a long while ago – I received a nice pack from UK Tights for reviewing. For a while I was hoping that I’d be able to do studio photos about the hosiery, but then just gave up.

So this morning I made my neighbours very happy, as I was not just wearing tights but I was also photoing myself.


As you can see, I was a bit lazy recently (or perhaps too busy), so there are the first autumn leaves on the ground. Luckily they did not affect my test at all.

The Glamory Microman 100 mantyhose / male tights are well designed, and robust hosiery with a huge fly opening that you cannot miss (there are some other brands that you need to look for the open fly, but not with Glamory). They are very large, even when not worn, and they will take space from your wardrobe. They are not the nylon mantyhose that disappears when you take them off – a bit closer to bike tights or long johns; they have lots of material ‘built in’.

For this reason, they are extremely comfortable. Without question, they are in the top 5% of the hosiery made for men. The material is smooth, semi-transparent, but it’s clearly on the non-transparent side if I have to decide. They wont run easily, but will do if meet with a sharp object.

glamory-2So that’s how they look. As you can see, there are wrinkles around my knee. But I always prefer wrinkles towards feeling too tight.


So that’s how they will look around your ankles. If you are shy about your mantyhose, these tights will keep you safe, even without socks, as nobody will think that you are wearing your favorite piece of clothing.

Again, the thickness and (relative) looseness of the Glamory mantyhose promise a long life to them.  I believe that I’ll be able to post you next year wearing the same pair.

What else? The waistband is quite wide, it’s OK, but not luxury. Indeed we don’t expect luxury from these mantyhose. What we expect is to keep us in warm comfort during rainy days, sporting sessions or outdoor activities.

They are recommended by Chan, and you can buy them at UK Tights:


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