Pantyhose can be your friend for all seasons.

You may have thought that pantyhose are desirable only in the cooler months giving much-needed warmth, shape, and style during those dreary time. But with the advances in technology and refined threads, the summer wardrobe now has a new and increasingly important companion.

Summer fashion

The new fine threads and wider style and color pallet bring hitherto unavailable panache to the summer fashion repertoire and past preconceptions regarding summer pantyhose and comfort can be firmly dismissed!

Summer styles vary from the professional work environment to the casual summer soiree or a day at the races. Many companies often dictate an uncomfortable fashion protocol.

Now, technologies have advanced such that modern pantyhose are almost a mandatory part of the summer wardrobe.

Features can include:

  • Sublime comfort derived from advanced manufacturing techniques and thread technologies – lightweight with denier rating as low as 8 or 12 Denier.
  • Superfine durable modern threads making the pantyhose smooth and soft for super-sensitive skin.
  • Vitamin E embedded in the structure of the fabric, providing antioxidant to the skin.
  • Precise seamless manufacture creating a stylish invisible sun shield.
  • Special body shaping structures in some pantyhose styles.

The finer 8, 12,  or 20 denier fabrics are ideal for summer day or evening wear.

Summer 8 den
Prestige 12 den
Control 20 den
Style 20 den

Summer pantyhose

Most lightweight pantyhose will ladder if they are damaged by rough or sharp surfaces – a summer pedicure can fix this problem. But once this potential hazard is removed your summer pantyhose can:

  • help prevent blisters
  • cover unsightly blemishes, or hairs
  • enhance the color and shape of your legs and lower torso
  • provide protection from the summer sun and wind
  • feed your skin with nutrients

Summer is here and with a little forethought, and a good pair of pantyhose, you can maintain your style of comfort during those hot months.

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