Pantyhose for men / mantyhose: not unisex fashion, says Chan Kraemer


Mantyhose are for men only.

It’s an old question: are mantyhose just rebranded women’s pantyhose? Are these guys wearing ladies’ garment at the end? Chan Kraemer, founder of (formerly: says he doesn’t want to see mantyhose as some kind of crossdressing issue.

“Its genuine male fashion, intented for everyday men” he says. “It’s no way about the weakening of the male idea. Men have strong, muscular legs. Show your mantyhose-decorated legs and you’re saying: here are my legs, they are strong enough to carry me, and I am carrying the whole world – my family, my job, and all the others who rely on me.”

“Its not a surprise that men used to show their legs for centuries, if not for millenia, as a symbol of their strength and manhood. And yes, ladies do find the male legs sexy.” He adds.

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