PANTYHOSE AND STUDENT’S UNIFORM. If you are a student, pantyhose is considered an essential part of your uniform and this is something you must respect. To wear pantyhose or not to wear it –is the question! While you could find a billion reasons not to wear pantyhose, there are still a million reasons to make them a part and parcel of your life. For starters, Kate Middleton has made them pretty cool and hip again in the fashion scene.

 Where to Look for Your Comfiest Options?

However, fret not. While, the thought of wearing pantyhose with your skirt may sound a little grandma like, if you really know how to buy hosiery well, you can find great places to buy pantyhose online in NZ or AU. If you don’t know where to buy high-quality hosiery from, a little search on the internet about “where to buy tights online AU or NZ” would help.

Other than being an integral part of standard school uniforms, pantyhose can actually help you quite a lot in feeling good or confident about yourself. Here are a few reasons, why you should always wear pantyhose with your school uniform or any formal clothing:

Pantyhose Look Smart

From time immemorial, pantyhose have been considered a significant part of an appropriate dress code. Its inclusion makes you appear more cultured and refined.

Pantyhose Adds a Touch of Elegance

by covering your veins, dry patches or any scars you may have. Pantyhose adds a sheer touch of elegance to your look. Also, buy black pantyhose if you want to make your legs appear thinner and taller.

Uniform Standards

There is a very good reason pantyhose is a compulsory part of standard school/college and several professional uniforms. It ties your entire outfit together.

Kristin School

Massey High School

ACG Sunderland Primary and College

Support and Compression for Legs

if you are in need of some TLC, or you are into sports or a cheerleader at school, buy dense tights.

They provide you much needed support and compression for your legs.


If you buy warm pantyhose, they will keep your legs warm thus you would need lesser layers on top hence a good chance of flaunting your outfit and more freedom of movement.

Bellaconte offers various well priced black tights of exceptional quality for girls. From stretchy and warm cotton 150 den to thin supporting Active Sports 20 den. You are bound to find something for school that you’ll end up loving.

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