Pantyhose: An Essential Race Day Fashion Accessory

Pantyhose: An Essential Race Day Fashion Accessory

Pantyhose: An Essential Race Day Fashion Accessory

If you live in Australia or New Zealand, races days are undoubtedly amongst the most exciting events on your social calendar. Needless to say, these exciting social events are all about socializing and flaunting your fashion style with pride and confidence. Now that we’re on the subject of fashion staples for race day, it’s time to build a strong case for an essential ladylike accessory: transparent pantyhose.

The early 20th century saw pantyhose emerge as an essential fashion accessory flaunted by all polished and well-groomed women who wanted to play up their feminine sensuality with ladylike elegance. We would spot gorgeous women pairing sheer nylon pantyhose with stilettos “tick-tocking” the floor in offices, hospitals, schools, colleges, and especially on race day. Before the baby boomers and new gen millennial women decided to liberate their fashion with minimalist panties, pantyhose was an essential accessory woman could own.

Lately, the fashion-forward royal Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has brought pantyhose to the forefront once again with her roguishly elegant Derby outfits. We all need to thank her for showing us how to do justice to our curvaceous legs with sheer, transparent nylon pantyhose paired against an elegant day dress, and the look sealed with a fashionable hat.

Transparent pantyhose has made a striking comeback into the fashion scene, and we’ve spotted it being paired up with many a race day outfit, be it a flowy floral dress or a sleek pencil dress with a subtle thigh-slit.

Ladies, instead of fighting the trend of pantyhose, it’s time we decided to embrace its feisty sensuality and stretch out comfort levels with its sheer ladylike glamour.

Little Black Dress

To play it safe, you can flaunt the voguish chicness of sheer black opaque pantyhose with a plain black dress. If you’re headed out to Christchurch for a racing day in the winters, black color is a splendid pick to keep you cozy and classy.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a little dress, you can experiment around with all kinds of length that garner your comfort. For instance, you can pick out an above-the-knee dress with a modest neckline, or a midi-length pencil dress that accentuates your curves. Be sure to seal the deal with sleek platform stilettos.

Preppy Chicness

Create a preppy and conservative outfit with a sharply tailored pencil skirt, paired with a tailored blazer jacket. This look requires neutral-toned matching separates, preferably in conservative fabrics such as plaid. You can allow a crisp white button-down to peep from the outfit, and seal the deal with opaque stockings and black pumps.

Elegant Day Dress

Pick out a lovely little dress and flaunt it with your sheer pantyhose and an elegant hat. You can pick out a floral dress with delicate embroidery and a lusciously revealing neckline to ravish your beauty assets. Racing days in an Auckland or Melbourne summer can be sweaty and hot, which makes it safe to pick out a vibrant floral number.

Or you can pick out a conservative collared-neckline dress that gives your curves a modestly elegant presentation. You can accessorize this look with stilettos, pumps or even a chic pair of black leather ankle boots.

The summer racing carnival and transparent pantyhose are an essential match for any fashion conscious woman.

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