Pantashoes from Balenciaga – Here to stay?

Balenciaga have created these ‘pantashoes’ – a pair of skintight trousers directly attached to a pair of heels the same color. But are they really pants – or shoes? They came in a range of colors, some even have a velvet finish, and are super skintight, light very thick tights. They have a trouser or pant-like waistband, but when you can’t see the waistband they do seem like thick tights or leggings with feet. Making that like between trousers and tights even more blurry!

I wonder whether they were thinking of the word ‘pants’ or ‘pantyhose’ when coming up with the name?

As for the ‘shoes’ part of pantashoes – they look a lot like heels! You can see where the fabric has been stretched over the heel and extended up to the waist. All of the styles so far come with this pointed heel style shoe, maybe in the future they will have other styles.

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