What ladies think about men wearing pantyhose or mantyhose


Bianca from the UK says “I am wearing tights quite frequently, altough they’re not my favourite. But I don’t see anything special about them. If guys want to wear them, just do it. I also wear pants and other garments that used to be male-only clothes.”

“Hairy legs with hair sticking out of 20-den pantyhose – no way” says Jude from Canada. “Properly chosen hosiery on nice legs, like the old-style noblemen wore them: makes me curious!” she adds.

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  1. me

    done properly and must shave to nothing wrong with men wearing tights or pantyhose am a straight male and no not a crossdresser I love wearing always I wear at home only without pants wear a mini at home with them is much cooler in the summer less restricting when out I wear under my pants to get away from public ridicule and name calling got a pic or to usually don’t post pics but here is one

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