What ladies think about men wearing pantyhose or mantyhose


We do have a female audience with an opinion that they share with us. Some of them are very critical towards the mantyhose, but others have a more balanced approach.

“I don’t really care if my men wears p/mantyhose or not” – says Jenny from the US – “as far as he’s trying to reach a moderate outfit. I agree that the current wardrobe of men is pretty boring, so why not?”

Nohealani, a US blogger says the same: “Done smartly, properly shaved, and with great care and coordination, I do believe it is possible for a man to achieve a stylish look with fasionable hosiery. If a man wishes to openly wear pantyhose in public, I feel that he is obliged to show some class and sensibility when assembling his outfit.” – read her blog post here.

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  1. me

    done properly and must shave to nothing wrong with men wearing tights or pantyhose am a straight male and no not a crossdresser I love wearing always I wear at home only without pants wear a mini at home with them is much cooler in the summer less restricting when out I wear under my pants to get away from public ridicule and name calling got a pic or to usually don’t post pics but here is one

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