Miss Oroblu visits you in blue tights

Miss Oroblu blue tightsSimple, elegant and beautiful as can be. Miss Oroblu are brilliant designers.

They’re capable of wowing us with astounding patterns, season after season, then they surprise us with something utterly fresh and simplistic. Starlight is one of these simple patterns, so it’s easy to pair with any outfit.

Not one to sacrifice a visual display though, Miss Oroblu have made sure Starlight’s colour scheme is as astounding as it can possibly be. A gorgeous pair of fashion tights.

We found them at UK Tights: http://www.uktights.com/product/3086/miss-oroblu-starlight-tights

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  1. james

    now those oroblu blue star tights I would wear am a straight male but love the look look at hosiery as just clothing

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