Matte vs. Glossy Tights for Summer

More and more women prefer to wear sheer hosiery during the summer months; however, there is only a small percentage of these women that choose glossy tights over matte. Trends and times are changing though as more people are turning to glossy tights for the summer as well as all the other seasons. Since they are still on trend, we thought we would fill you in on the differences between wearing matte versus glossy tights for the summer.

Glossy vs. Ultra-Glossy

Yes, that’s
right. There are two levels of glossy we have to include as we figure out what
is best for summer. Ultra-gloss tights tend to be on the thinner side and are
often much thinner than traditional denier tights. Glossy tights are also more
lightweight and can keep your legs much cooler during the warmer weather.

For summer,
we suggest hosiery that falls under the 15 denier level. Ultra-sheer hosiery is
also good if you are looking for more of a barely there style. Overall, it is
really up to your own personal tastes and style to determine where you stand on
the glossy versus ultra-glossy spectrum.

The Allure of Matte Tights

The question
to go bare legged or not as well as the sandals with tights questions are
sparking a lot of debate in the fashion world. And so is the glossy and shiny
tights versus matte debate. If you want more coverage for your legs and you
want to hide any imperfections you may have, then matte tights may be the best
choice. They also provide you with a much smoother and more natural look than
glossy tights.

Is There an In Between?

If you are
one who can’t decide, then satin may be the in-between style you are looking
for. They are neither matte nor gloss and instead fall somewhere in the middle.
It can also be worn stylishly for both a day and evening look and will
complement any outfit.

Which Do You Prefer?

So, which do
you prefer? When deciding which tights to wear, you should also consider your outfit. You don’t
want to pair matte tights with a glossy or shiny dress. Every piece of your
outfit needs to complement each other for an amazing look.

You can find
a great selection of high-quality sheer, glossy, or matte hosiery on
today so you can start building up the summer wardrobe of your dreams.

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