Matching Your Hosiery With Open Toe Shoes

Matching Your Hosiery With Open Toe Shoes

With autumn upon us now at, we see a lot of women facing the same dilemma. Those adorable peep-toe suede pumps, open toe leather booties, and all the other delicious fall footwear offerings are calling to you – but how do you incorporate them into your hosiery need for the cool weather season? Hosiery is a fashion and function must for the fall and winter months, but this doesn’t mean you need to let go of all of the open toe shoes you love so much. Hosiery with an open shoe may seem like a faux pas, but this train of thought is dated, and one should consider mixing hosiery with open toe footwear a new fashion frontier to conquer.

First and foremost, when you’re mixing open toe footwear with hosiery, you should avoid your nude looks. Unless your nude hosiery is toe-less, like the Eluxa Toeless Thigh Height Stockings by Fiore, you want to go for contrast or showing off your hosiery when you pair it with an open toe shoe. These toeless options, however, do give you the ability to create a sexy and seamless look with hosiery and open toe shoes, while getting the benefit from both worlds.

When choosing a color for your hosiery, it’s best to go bold when mixing with an open toe shoe. Rather than showcasing a pedicure with your open toe footwear, you’ll be showcasing the hosiery you’re wearing just the same. This bold color draws just a bit of attention to the shape and style of the shoe while taking pride in the hosiery you’re wearing, and it turns the look into one that will elevate your look rather than bringing it down.

Next, you may even want to give the look a bit of a funky appeal by choosing a footwear option that directly contrasts with your hosiery. This sort of style gives your look something of a retro-modern appeal, and brings something bold without very much effort at all. A great example of this would be to pair black opaque tights with a neon open toe shoe in green, purple, red, or yellow – whichever bright color shade you can pop from your outfit.

Autumn and winter shouldn’t present difficulties in finding suitable hosiery and footwear, it should instead give you a bevy of new options to play with and choose from. To find your next perfect pair of hose to try with your cool-weather open toe options, check out what we have at today!

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