Mastering 2019’s Biggest Trend

Mastering 2019’s Biggest Trend

If you’ve been around any department store or read any fashion magazine during the year 2019, you’ve probably seen this year’s biggest trend – animal prints. Sure, animal prints never truly go out of style, but their full resurgence comes in and out of fashion as the years go by. For 2019, we’re in an animal print year full-swing, and we at have just the hosiery you need to really maximize your wild style.

Animal prints
can be explored and enjoyed in so many different ways. A simple leopard jacket
is a removable way to wear your animal print, a skirt is a bold way to show it
off, but we want to focus on how you can wear your animal print hosiery to
really trademark this animal print look for yourself. What we love most about
animal print hosiery is its sexy subtlety, and how you can play it up or play
it down to go into any possible situation. You can mix animal print hosiery
with a mini skirt for a date night out that oozes sex appeal, or you can wear
animal print tights with a knee-length skirt to make it appropriate for the
office. If you can dream it, you can do it with animal print.

Our Fashion Tights Caty are a classic example of
your quintessential animal print. They’re a perfect basic leopard that can be
dressed up, dressed down, turned into something rock n’ roll, or put into an
elegant context. If you want to start out with animal print hosiery, we
couldn’t think of a better place to begin. If you pair these tights with
basics, they’re ready for the office, if you pair the tights with tailored
shorts and sky-high pumps, they’re ready for your sassy night-out look.

One way to
really modernize your animal print looks for 2019 is by pattern mixing, which
some might find a little tough with animal prints but it’s truly a lot of fun
to play with. The small animal print pattern of the Fashion Tights Caty are
perfect for mixing with bold big florals, which really looks striking if you’re
looking to pair this trend with the 90’s revival look.

Animal prints
are the perfect neutral for spicing up your 2019 style, and we at
have the animal print tights, leggings, and even fishnet hose you need to fully
embrace this style. If you’re looking for your ideal animal print, check out
what we have at today!

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