Marie Antoilette: Striking the Balance Between Fashion & Fun

Valerie Moenne is Marie Antoilette – a French design brand inspired by women. She graduated from her design school with an award given to her for the humour in her designs, and the number of techniques used. Valerie is sinpired by real women, and asks herself what women she knows would wear, and what they would have fun wearing.

The brand started off with a range of tights, and have since expended into other legwear, like leggings and socks, as well as scarves.

These tights have a fun ‘dogs in dresses’ design over a repeating pattern, and have a great colour palette

€33,00, shop here:


These tights have almost two completely different designs that come together into one, a beautiful tulip image at the feet which leads up into the French illustration.

€33,00, shop here:

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