Choose your mantyhose colors and patterns

Matching the colors and the patterns
patternsSit down, relax, and think about your tie!

Is it complicated to find a tie that fits your suite? Or is it complicated to find a pair of socks that goes with your outfit?

It is very much like that with pantyhose / mantyhose / tights for men. Yes it can be very complicated, especially if you go into patterned tights and if you go to very thin patterned or printed pantyhose.

But basically, it’s simple.

The Rule

Follow this rule and you won’t waste time: choose a color (and tone) that either fits the color of your trousers or your upperwear.

It should harmonize with some other item on you – can be the same color, or a color similar to it.

Just dress up as you would dress up anyway, and find a pair of pantyhose / tights as you would find a sock at the end.

If you are wearing sheer mantyhose / tights / pantyhose, pay attention to your skin color: at the end, a mixture of your skin color and the color of the pantyhose will give the final tone of your legs.


Use dark grey, dark brown, black, navy blue as a start. These are conservative colors that are easy to fit with your existing wardrobe.

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