Put your mantyhose on carefully!

Put them on carefully!

puton-1In the second part of the Mantyhose Fashion Guide we learn about putting on the mantyhose.

It’s not rocket science.

Just be careful a bit and trim your nails (or just wash your hands in warm water if lazy).

It’s always better to sit than standing while you’re putting them on.

It’s like putting on long socks and then putting on a thin or elastic boxer brief.

Luckily, we have an illustrated step by step guide about putting on pantyhose for you: link: how to put on pantyhose / mantyhose?

If you have just purchased your shiny-fancy first-ever mantyhose, we recommend to practice with another one first – ask one that has a ladder from a lady, or simply buy a cheap one from a nearby drugstore. (Take attention to the sizing, even if you are getting the *worthless* ladies’ pantyhose!)

If you’re going to test on a pair of ‘dummy’ pantyhose, apart from the sizing, we suggest to use one that is similar by terms of thickness and yarns / materials: choose compression pantyhose if you’re to put on a real pair of Comfilon of Comfort4men compression mantyhose, and practice with a pair 8 den pantyhose if you’ve purchased Gerbe Men Satin 8 tights (oh, they are extinct now).

On the hosiery side, if you’re not in a hurry, it helps if you bleach the mantyhose in warm, soapy water (then dry them) – it makes the hosiery material to have a more even structure somehow, less vulnerable to runs.

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