About shaving your legs, choosing socks and shoes for mantyhose

How about leg shaving, socks, and shoes???

shavingIf you don’t shave your legs, pantyhose will help to cover your hair. Choose a pair of hose that have close (or a bit darker) color to your leg hair. Or, choose a pair of thicker hose (e.g. 40 den) or even a pair of tights. Keep in mind that your mantyhose will follow the shape of your legs, pressing your leg hair to your skin , thus changing the overall shape of your legs!

Well if you do shave your legs already, then pantyhose will cover your naked legs. You will have more freedom when choosing light colors like white, and when wearing thin pantyhose (typically under 20 den).

Tip: use an electric shaver (the same that you use for your face) and trim your leg hair. It’s fast, painless,

You might wear a matching pair of socks – it does change the outfit to a more conservative direction.

But hey, how about the shoes? Just wear a pair of shoes that you would wear anyway – in your style, in your size.

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