Choose the right size – Mantyhose are comfortable!

In the first part of the Mantyhose Fashion Guide we learn about the sizing.

Choose the right size!


Pantyose are comfortable! Just don’t believe anything you heard about it from women – ladies tend to make a vanity question out of the sizing of hosiery, ending up in smaller than needed pantyhose. If you wear them in a proper way, they don’t itch but look nice and keep your legs more fit than they would be without.

If you are XL than you should wear an XL hose – it’s that easy. If you are unsure, buy one size larger – nothing can go wrong, the material is elastic and will follow your body.

But if you think that wearing a pair of mantyhose that is one size smaller than your real size would give your butt/legs a better shape, you might end up as millions of ladies do – having an uncomfortable, itchy time in hose.

Just don’t do it – be honest and choose your size . Wearing a pair of pantyhose / tights one (ore more) size smaller than your actual size will give you a really bad experience for the whole day.

First, check out the size charts and recommendations before you buy.

You could check out this size chart at (opens a new window), or the universal size chart page at

If you happen to purchase ladies’ hosiery because you don’t find the hosiery of your taste in the men’s product range, then, as a rule of thumb, choose one size larger than you would choose based upon the ladies’ size chart.

After purchase size check: your pantyhose should not be too tight anywhere – too tight we mean uncomfortable. They are made from modern materials that follow the shape of your body – the right size is always comfy (we mean pantyhose made for men, not ladies’ hosiery – they might look better but won’t fit as a real mantyhose).

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