Loving Mama Maternity Tights

These Mama Tights from Item M6 are adorable! Suggested for women from their fifth month of pregnancy onwards, these tights have a compression material to provide supports to the lower back and legs, while having a soft, expanable fabric around the abdoment to accommodate the baby growing.

Image credit: http://cheynice.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/IMG_7060-800×450.jpg

And of course, as well as being practical these tights are super cute – with a big red heart right where the baby is! Perfect for alyering under dresses or skirts or wearing proudly over the bump and showing off the heart!

Image credit: http://cdn.madame.de/bilder/item-m6-mama-strumpfhosen-532499.jpg

Shop here: https://www.item-m6.co.uk/shop/woman-tights-mama-tights-30-den.html

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