Looking Chic In Your Leggings

Looking Chic In Your Leggings

Few pieces of clothing are true fall staples quite like leggings. They can be worn under a skirt or dress, they can be paired with a tunic or cozy sweater, or they can be worn to the gym as part of the perfect trendy athleisure outfit. At Hosieree.com, we pride ourselves on carrying only the best European made leggings, so you always have just the pair you’re looking for to flawlessly pull off all your fall 2019 legging looks.

Due to their form fitting nature, a lot of women feel a little intimidated by leggings. Sure, they may wear them at home or under a skirt or pants for an additional warmth layer, but they’re not truly comfortable embracing all of the potential a great pair of leggings hold. At Hosieree.com, we want you to love your leggings, and we have just the tips you need to feel confident and chic every time you put them on:

  • Pair with a denim jacket – If you’re looking to take the athleisure trend to the next level, while still maintaining a high-fashion look, it’s time to take out your favorite denim jacket. A pair of leggings with a crop or form fitting top is the perfect way to show off stand-out denim. You’ll avoid the denim-on-denim look that can be too much when you pair the jacket with jeans, while creating the perfect carefree brunch look.
  • Dress them up – A structured pair of leggings like those we feature at Hosieree.com are perfect for dressing up. A sleek pair of leggings looks great paired with an embellished blazer and bootie or pump, giving you a night-out look that is as comfortable as it is effortlessly chic.
  • Go with a blouse – Airy blouses with plenty of movement seem like they’re almost made to be paired with a sleek and structured legging. If you’re attending a lunch, an afternoon meeting, or running errands, you’re creating ideal balance within a completely timeless look.
  • Classic cozy – One of the most popular ways you’re going to see leggings throughout each fall season is within the classic cozy look. Take your leggings and pair with an oversized sweatshirt, a chunky sweater, and a scarf or hat, and you’re ready for all those Instagram worthy moments at the pumpkin patch.

No fall
wardrobe is truly complete without the perfect leggings. To find your perfect
pair, see what we have in store at Hosieree.com today!

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