Local Tights from Lodz, Poland by Gabriella

Gabriella have designed and created a locally inspired pair of tights – inspired by their home city of Lodz in Poland.

Lodz is a centre for hosiery manufacturing and every year, 120 million pairs of tights are created there, including Gabriella’s. They say: ‘Lodz tights are an expression of love for Lodz, its textile past, and women who created it.’

The tights feature the gate of the former Izrael Poznanski’s factory at the front, and at the back shows factories and chimneys, representing the still busy hosiery industry.

We absolutely love this idea! The company is very proud of their heritage and their home and designing a pair of tights for Lodz is a great way to show it.

Find out more and shop here: https://www.gabriella.pl/en/lodz-tights.html

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