JOBST: The #1 Ranked Compression Therapy Brand

Of course, we love tights as fashion accessories, but they can also be very helpful for certain medical conditions. Compression tights, socks, or stockings can be useful for people who suffer with chronic venous disease (or varicose veins), deep vein thrombosis, and lymphatic disorders, by relieving pressure in the area.

JOBST’s compression line has been ranked number one in compression garments recommended by physicians in the US. The creator, Conrad Jobst, has varicose veins himself, so knew exactly what he needed when it comes to compression garments. This allowed him to create a great line of products, and his personal story is easy for physicians to share with patients.

The JOBST compression range has many different lines, including ready-to-wear, custom fit, and knit. They offer options for men and women, ranging from practical to pretty!

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