Pantyhose for men? Why do men wear p/mantyhose at all? Is it a new kind of sickness?

Introduction to mantyhose

Surprise or not – many men do wear pantyhose ( tights in the UK) as a regular clothing item. Why? Because they like it.

They enjoy the feel (it’s not uncomfortable if you choose the right size made of the right material!), they enjoy the support and/or warmth they provide, and they enjoy the look.

Actually there’s nothing gender-specific in this garment.

It’s not designed for women, like the bra, to fit any female organs, therefore it is, by definition, unisex.

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5 Responses

  1. LC Kid

    Why do WOMEN wear pantyhose at all? Is it an old kind of sickness?
    Let people wear what they wish to wear. Why should ANYONE ever care?

    • me

      totally agree it can benefit both as far as support, warmth the way they make ones legs look plus other reasons as long as men wear properly it will in time be excepted but if men want to parade around showing things off then society will never except it and will always be labeled weird, gay, a pervert so I say wear tights or pantyhose in style I wear at home always in many styles colors when out I wear under my pants I don’t need the ridicule this is just one pair I have with my mini cooler in summer and less constricting very comfortable not a crossdresser just like the complete look for pictures

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