How Your Hosiery Factors In To The Biggest Fashion Trends Of 2020

How Your Hosiery Factors In To The Biggest Fashion Trends Of 2020

The latest fashion trends of the new year are rolling in, and we at are particularly excited about brainstorming all of the different ways we can pair beautiful European-made hosiery with any and all of these looks. The fashion trends hitting runways and walkways during the year 2020 are varied, and there really is something for anyone who wants to look chic and modern in their various looks. The top ways to pair hosiery with the top fashion trends of 2020 are:

  • Puff sleeves – In 2020 sleeves are getting bigger and hemlines are getting shorter, which creates the absolute perfect conditions for great hosiery. Puff sleeves are particularly dramatic and feminine, which makes us think that this look would look marvelous with an equally feminine pair of hose. Something simple, sleek, and elegant like our wide fishnet tights would be perfect.
  • Polka Dots – We can expect to see a massive resurgence of polka dots in 2020, especially since designers like Balenciaga and Balmain really featured these looks heavily during last year’s fashion weeks. If you’re not quite sold on a full polka dot look, there is no better place to incorporate this trend than your hosiery. Polka dot hosiery can be worn with office wear, with date-night outfits, to lighten up grunge throw-back looks, or in pattern mixing all without missing a beat.
  • Pleats – One of the new fashion trends we’re seeing make a first-year comeback in 2020 is pleats. For a long time, pleats were out and sleek flat-fronts were in, but this year is seeing pleats just about anywhere they can be squeezed in. Pleats can make some intimidated, as they want to embrace this trend in a sleek and trendy way, not an outdated way. Pairing pleats with an ultra-sheer pair of hosiery keeps that sex appeal going without ever becoming too much.
  • The feminine utility jumpsuit – Utility jumpsuits aren’t just for your mechanic anymore. These looks are being seen on high-fashion runways from Philip Lim to Jonathan Simkhai. One way to dress this up for a date-night look that has plenty of modern trendy edge is to roll up the bottom legs of the jumpsuit to let a trendy hosiery choice show through. Alongside a stiletto shoe and a statement clutch, hosiery like our Argo Fashion Tights by Trasparenze is just the feminine accessory you’re after.

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